Top 5 Jewellery Trends For 2022

Sandra Jordan | 18 January, 2022

            Top 5 Jewellery Trends For 2022

Top 5 Jewellery Trends For 2022

Ever since the pandemic started we've been glued to our computers and phones scrolling through social media. Local business have moved to become online shops. With everyone adapting to technology we have noticed there has also been an increase in sales. What we have seen is that everyone is out buying fine jewellery that is great for everyday, but we would also recommend wearing diamonds in loungewear.

We have been following the runways and magazines closely to see the upcoming jewellery trends for 2022 and spoiler alert: think BIG, think DRAMATIC, think STATEMENT and bold, colourful jewellery. 

Go ahead and make a start on the hottest must-have jewellery trends 2022. Who wouldn't want these beauties bursting out of your jewellery box.


1. Statement Earrings

Say goodbye to the minimalistic and simple earrings of 2021 and hello to the big, bold and strong statement earrings in 2022.  Need some inspiration? Then you have come to the right place. 


9ct white gold diamond feather drop earrings

Pre-owned diamond feather drop earrings in 9ct white gold £1,650

We love how dramatic statement earrings can be and how well it can work with everyday clothing. Here we have Tess modelling out Lapidary range, which is sterling silver pieces set with high grade and modern cut cubic zirconia.

Lapidary Long Graduated Pear Drop Earrings £159

Lapidary Long Graduated Pear Drop Earrings - alternate shot £159

Lapidary London long graduated pear drop earrings £159

Doesn't this look dazzling! The yellow in the drop stands out making it unique and will look stunning paired with a chic little black dress or even a yellow dress.


2. Pearls

The new generation (Gen Z) have fused the past and future when it comes to their approach to style. There has been a revival of vintage, thrifting and second-hand shopping. The younger generation want stand-out clothing and want to be unique.

Pearls were popular last year with celebrities such as Dua Lipa and Harry Styles (yes, men can wear pearls too) who wore pieces such as Vivienne Westwood iconic pearl necklace with her logo in the middle. Gone are the days where pearls were saved for the best and we are please to welcome pearls with open arms. We are please to say this trend is set to be strong for 2022.


Pearl & gold drop pendant

Pre-owned gold & pearl drop pendant necklace in 9ct yellow gold £385

Silver Chain & Freshwater Pearl Bracelet £35

Silver chain and freshwater pearl bracelet £35

If you want to buy a pearls and not too sure what style to go for. You could go for this Silver Chain & Freshwater Pearl Bracelet or want something with a little bit more sparkle then how about these Fresh Water Pearl & Cubic Zirconia Earrings.

pearl and cubic zirconia stud earrings

Fresh water pearl and cubic zirconia earrings £35


3. Signet Rings 

This is a trend, which is already bubbling up against the Gen Z crowd. Signet rings can be for him, her and they it is the perfect way to dress up your work or casual look. These rings can come on a array of different sizes, shapes and precious metals (gold, silver and etc..) 

Before the days of the internet, it was normal for all of the most influential people in the worlds to have signet rings. Every ring was unique and on the face of the signet would have been the family crest or simple monograms/icons. The detail on the signet rings were remarkable, they were reversed engineered to ensure the design came out properly when they were stamped on any document. The rings were used to confirm the authenticity of any document, like a signature.



This pre-owned 9ct yellow gold & bloodstone ring is quite the statement with roses on the side £499 

 9 Carat Gold Signet Ring £625

9ct yellow gold with a plain oval face signet ring. The weight of the ring is 5.4g and ring size M½ £625


4. Chunky Chains 

This is a trend for everyone embrace this striking look and let your chains get chunky. It can instantly transform your outfit. Whether it is a bold or chunky chain it is all about the style with this trend.


 heavy circle link silver necklace

Heavy silver circle link necklace £325

silver heavy chains

Silver heavy curb chains

5. Rainbow & Bold Colours 

For this year, this trend is only going to get bigger and brighter! From the rainbow coloured stones in jewellery to bright bold colours. 


We're loving this multi-coloured sapphire ring in 9ct yellow gold. It has a stunning array of colours, such as orange, blue, yellow, pink and white. This ring will add colour to your look and highlight your finger.

Multi-coloured sapphire ring
Multi-colour sapphire bubble ring £895
9ct yellow gold multi-gem necklace
9 carat gold multi-gem necklace with gemstones such as purple amethyst, green amethyst, smokey quartz, orange citrine and blue topaz all set in an rubover setting £575

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