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9 Carat Gold & Moonstone Stud Earrings

Earrings in 9ct yellow gold with a round moonstone gemstone in the middle. The stone is faceted or cabochon cut stone in a rubover collet set with a post and butterfly backs. The moonstone is 0.6x0.6cm and the overall maximum width is 0.7cm

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June's Birthstone

by Sandra Jordan | 14 June, 2022

For all of those with an June birthday, you're lucky enough to have three beautiful birthstones, Pearl, Moonstone and AlexandritePearls have long been associated with innocence, purity and humility. Pearls-both natural and cultured-appear in a wide variety of colours, making them the most beloved gems of all time. Moonstone is known for it's adularescent light and are associated with passion, love, fertility and it is believed to bring you great luck! Alexandrite is an "emerald by day, a ruby by night" gemstone that is well known for displaying different colours depending on the lighting. 

May's Birthstone

by Sandra Jordan | 01 May, 2022

If you were born in the month of May, your birthstone is Emerald. Emeralds are known for their vibrant green colour, making them the perfect spring gemstone. The gemstone also symbolises rebirth and renewal for millennia. The word "emerald" comes from smaragdos, ancient Greek for a green gem.

A Brief History Of Cameo Jewellery And Is It Still Popular?

by Sandra Jordan | 24 April, 2022

How familiar are you with the term Cameo Jewellery? Even if you’re not, this type of jewellery is likely to be popular as it is a piece of art that dates back centuries. Whether we have seen it in period dramas, antique shops or even in your grandma’s jewellery box, cameo jewellery is very captivating. Here, we are going to look into how these pieces are still popular today and break down the surprising history, from the Sumerian period (c.3100 BC) to the Victorian era.