February's Birthstone

Sandra Jordan | 01 February, 2022

            February's Birthstone

For all of those with February birthdays, amethyst makes a perfect birthstone. Amethyst is a stunning, rich-colour quartz gemstone with a range of colours of purples and greens. The lilac to deep purple hues can be found different shapes and sizes. If you are a February baby then wearing amethyst can symbolise personal empowerment and inner strength. 

A Green amethyst is a variety of quartz and is also known as vermarine, lime citrine, green quartz, olive quartz or by its gemmological name, prasiolite. Prasioliteis from the Greek word 'prason'meaning leek and 'lithos,'meaning stone. 

Rose De France Amethyst is also a different variety of amethyst. 'Rose de France' Amethyst known as Lavender Amethyst for its pastel lilac pink colour. Is a popular Victorian gemstone and is often featured in antique jewellery. 

Another colour variation of amethyst is Bi Colour Amethyst, which is caused by the environmental changes during formation. They have a balance of contrast between two colours for example you can get Ametrine, which is a blend of Amethyst and Citrine.


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