About the Service

We are very happy to design a piece of jewellery for you and have it made to your specific requirements or maybe you have been left a piece of jewellery by a loved one, but honestly it's just not you? Why not have it re-designed into something that you will wear?

You can bring the piece into the shop, where Sandy can go through some ideas with you and design something that is much more to your taste.
There is absolutely no obligation but if you like something you see we will provide you with some drawings or even you give us a drawing and we will give you an idea of price.

We also have access to a great range of loose diamonds and gemstones should your taste run to something really sparkly or colourful!

How does it work?

Step One

Visit our store and meet Sandy or drop us an email and we can talk you through the process. The bespoke design service process always starts with a discussion with Sandy about what you are looking to create. If you have any inspirational ideas including any photographs, magazine clippings, sketches and etc...  We will happily look at them for you. We can also change existing jewellery and re-design it into something that you will wear. At this stage we will also discuss the budget. 

Step Two

Once we have the design, leave it with us to find stones if any and choose the best gems for you and your jewellery. You will have a say with what stones you'll like and we can go through the process together.

All the carefully selected pieces will arrive at our goldsmith or silversmith who will set the stones and create your finalised piece. Depending on your design, this can take several days handcrafting intricate pieces to meet your final personal bespoke design.

Final Stage

We will call you and invite you to our store to present you with your beautiful bespoke design. You will have the opportunity to try on the piece and make sure that you are happy with your new jewellery. 

Once you are happy with the new wonderful designed and handcrafted piece you may take it home and enjoy it for years to come.