Sell or Part Exchange Your Jewellery

Sandra Jordan | 13 January, 2022

            Sell or Part Exchange Your Jewellery

Sell or Part Exchange Your Jewellery

If you are looking to sell or part exchange items, we at Jordans are fully able to confidently handle, test and identify a range of gemstones. The director and owner, Sandy Jordan has years of experience. She would be dealing with any purchases and selling. Whether you have some unwanted gold or family estate jewellery, we are here to assess, offer and advise you on your items. This service is free and we advisable to call or book an appointment with Sandy.

Jordans wish to purchase or part exchange:

Good Diamond Jewellery
Fine Antique and Modern Jewellery

Please click the link below to book an appointment or call us on 01305 250413.

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