Pre-Owned Emerald & Diamond Ring

Ring in 18ct white gold with an green emerald as show stopping centre gemstone and four claws holding the gemstone in place. Around the gemstone is a halo of diamonds and intricate detail of four lines of diamonds that meet in the middle of the band on the back of the setting. There's also diamonds on the shoulders. The ring is pre-owned and weighs 4.9g. Ring size M½.

  • 18ct white gold
  • Green emerald gemstone
  • Emerald cut gemstone
  • Diamonds
  • Diamonds on the back of the setting
  • Diamonds on the shoulders
  • Pre-owned
  • Art Deco style
  • Four claws around the emerald
  • Weight 4.9g
  • Band width 0.2cm
  • Length of the emerald gemstone 0.8cm
  • Width of the emerald gemstone 0.6cm
  • Length of the diamonds on the shoulders 1.1cm
  • Width of  the diamonds on the shoulders 0.2-0.3cm
  • Length 1.2cm
  • Width 1cm

Ring Size

Size Guide
M ½

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