Cushion Cut Yellow Diamond Cluster Ring

Ring in 18ct white gold with a cushion cut yellow diamond in the centre surrounded by a cluster of white diamonds. The yellow diamond is surrounded by four yellow gold centre claws. The carat weight of the yellow diamond is 0.50ct and the carat weight of the white cluster diamonds is 0.07ct. The ring weighs a total of 2.1g and ring size M.

  • 18ct white gold
  • Yellow centre claws
  • Yellow diamond
  • White diamonds
  • 0.50ct yellow diamond
  • 0.07ct white diamonds
  • Cluster ring
  • Wedding fit 
  • Weight 2.1g
  • Band width 0.1-0.2cm
  • Length of the yellow diamond 0.4-0.5cm
  • Width of the yellow diamond 0.4-0.5cm
  • Length 0.7cm
  • Width 0.7cm

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