9ct Yellow Gold Preowned Pearl Ring

A charming pre-owned pearl ring, set with one precious pearl on a 9ct yellow gold band.

Pearl is the birthstone for June.

Pearl is given in celebration of your 30th Wedding Anniversary.

From being buried within an oyster at the bottom of the sea, the Pearl has been said to represent knowledge gained through experience and time - some may say they are the ultimate symbol of wisdom. 

The gems of the sea are believed to offer protection to their wearer, as well as attract good luck and wealth. 

Pearls have long been valued for their calming effects and have been said to represent serenity because of the balancing vibrations that they give off. Pearls also possess an intense feminine or yin energy. 

  • 9ct Yellow Gold 
  • Pre-owned
  • Pearl
  • Approximate height of the face of the ring 1.2cm 
  • Approximate width from shoulder to shoulder 1.7cm
  • Weight 6.7g
  • Size R 
  • Band width 0.3cm

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