9 Carat Gold, Sapphire & Diamond Ring

Ring in 9ct yellow gold with a white gold diamond setting and yellow gold setting around the sapphires. In the centre of the ring there is an oval blue sapphire with a yellow gold rubover setting. Beside the oval is a two pear shaped sapphires on its side. Surrounding the sapphire gemstones is a cluster of diamonds in a white gold and rubover setting. The weight of the ring is 2.4g and band width is over 0.1cm. Ring size N½.

  • 9ct yellow gold
  • Yellow gold band and sapphire setting
  • White gold diamond setting
  • Sapphire gemstone
  • Diamond
  • Weight 2.4g
  • Band band over 0.1cm
  • Height 1cm
  • Width 1.7cm

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