0.38 Carat Ruby & 0.20 Carat Diamond Cluster Ring

Ring in 18ct white gold with a round ruby gemstone with a carat weight of 0.38ct. Surrounding the ruby is a cluster of diamonds and diamond on the shoulders with a milgrain edge. The total carat weight of the diamonds is 0.20. The ring has a wedding fit making it easy to fit a ring beside it. The ring weighs 2.8g and ring size M.

  • 18ct white gold
  • Ruby gemstone
  • Diamonds
  • 0.38ct ruby gemstone
  • 0.20ct diamonds
  • Milgrain edge
  • Wedding fit
  • Cluster ring
  • Diamonds on the shoulders
  • Weight 2.8g
  • Band width 0.2cm
  • Length of the ruby gemstone 0.4cm
  • Width of the ruby gemstone 0.4cm
  • Length of the diamonds on the shoulders 1cm
  • Width of the diamond on the shoudlers 0.1cm
  • Length of the cluster 0.8cm
  • Width of the cluster 0.8cm

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