Trust me, she WANTS a Jordans Jewellers Gift for Christmas 2023

Sandra Jordan | 09 November, 2023

            Trust me, she WANTS a Jordans Jewellers Gift  for Christmas 2023

Trust me, she wants a special and unique gift from Jordans Jewellers this Christmas. Save yourself time and effort trudging around the shops or scrolling through gift guides. Does she have ears? Diamond drop earrings it is. A neck? A graduated necklace will do nicely. Is that a naked finger? Fill it with a three stone ring. Then revel with delight in the confidence that you’ve succeeded in giving the perfect gift this Christmas. She’s elated, you are her all time holiday hero. That’s right, Jordans Jewellers has got you covered once again. You’re welcome.

To make it even easier for you this holiday season, we have pulled out a few of our best-selling pieces to assure your number one woman starts the New Year with the most fabulous and trending pieces.

     1. Statement Dangle Earrings

Statement earrings have been trending for years. Now, dangle and drop earrings are coming out to shine. These timeless earring styles have always endured, but in 2024, statement dangle earrings are going to be at the top. These elegant earrings will be perfect for special occasions, as well as everyday settings.

American singer and actress Halle Bailey wore receives her Glamour Woman of the Year Gen Z Game-Changer award in dramatic drop earrings. A breathtaking choice!

Statement drop Earrings for trending jewellery in 2023 and 2024
NEW Lapidary Long Graduated White Pear Cut Earrings £159. Available online and in-store. 

     2. Pearls of Wisdom

Pearls bring timeless elegance to any outfit, from casual to sophisticated. They're that little baroque detail we love on jewellery. What's more, they go very well with natural tones and gold, two other trends for 2024. 

Actor and producer Cate Blanchett wore a custom made pearl necklace at the 2023 BAFTA Awards as she picked up the gong for Best Actress for her role as Lydia Tár in the movie Tár. Designed by Louis Vuitton’s Artistic Director of Jewellery, Francesca Amfitheatrof, the tourmaline subtly echoes the lines of a Louis Vuitton trunk.
NEW Three Row Freshwater Pearl Bracelet £60. Available online and in-store. 

     3. Colourful Gemstones

2023’s colourful Barbiecore is expected to continue. In 2024, get ready for a resurgence of colourful gemstones in both classic and contemporary designs. Designers are incorporating these gemstones in unique ways, such as vibrant clusters, gradient patterns and geometric arrangements. Don't miss out on being a part of the vibrant year ahead. 

American Singer and Songwriter, Machine Gun Kelly proposed to Megan Fox with a ‘Toi et Moi’ (‘you and me’) ring consisting of a vibrant emerald gemstone (her birth stone) and the diamond (his birth stone). This trend of colourful engagement rings is sure to be one that lasts. 

NEW Toi et Moi Blue Sapphire and Diamond Platinum Ring on a white background
NEW Toi et Moi Blue Sapphire and Diamond Platinum Ring £1,265. Available online and in-store. 

     4. Bold Bangles

For the past couple of seasons, it’s all been about chunky bracelets. And now, we’re heading towards for a slightly different take to wear in 2024: bangles. Staying true to the bold aesthetic, bangles and cuff like bracelets will be the perfect accessory for day and night.

For those who want to add a stack to their everyday style, Kareen Kapoor's golden bangle stack can just be the pick for you. A stack of four to five golden bangles paired with minimal golden studs or hoops is an excellent way to elevate any look—whether for brunch or the office.

Gold Bangle the perfect christmas gift on a white background
NEW Rolled Gold Yellow Bangle £355. Available online and in-store. 

     5. Chain Reaction

Chains in Gold and Silver are ideal for adding to any neckwear layered look. 2024 will continue to rock the chain chunky and thin necklaces, bracelets and earrings, perfect for layering with other jewellery or simply wearing alone. 

Florence Pugh's layered gold chain necklaces perfectly complemented her jumpsuit's chain belt outfit. These bold statement pieces are a guaranteed success with any wardrobe.   

NEW Gold Plated Paperclip Necklace £165. Available online and in-store. 

     5. Art Deco Bold Jewellery 

Yellow gold has been popular for years, but 2024 will embrace the opulent and bold gold of the Art Deco era. Art Deco jewellery showcases designs influenced by the 1920s and 1930s. Think sleek, streamlined designs, geometric patterns, and striking accents.

Celebrities wearing vintage is a move that's only gaining momentum. Art Deco jewellery never fails to have a jaw-dropping effect, this is why we stock such a large range of Art Deco styled jewellery to give you your own wow factor. 

Art Deco style ring
Octagon Fire Opal & Diamond Cluster Ring £1,875. Available online and in-store. 

Now that you can be sure to find the perfect Christmas gift inside our huge collection of exquisite new, pre-loved and antique online today or visit us in store.

Don't forget we can also, bring your personal dream jewellery to life with our bespoke design services. If there's a piece of trending jewellery you'd like to create in your own style this winter we'd love to help you make it a reality.
Let us know by writing in the comments or call us on 01305 250413 to make an appointment. 

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