Jewellery As An Investment

Sandra Jordan | 26 April, 2021

            Jordans Jewellers loose diamonds on a white background

With interest rates at an all time low, have you ever considered jewellery as an investment? Well now could well be the time. Antique jewellery is not only a delight to wear and own, but, if you choose wisely, can be a great investment for the future. Diamonds have been a solid investment over the last decade with antique jewellery not only holding its own but raising in value much higher than any bank or building society has offered. If you are self employed, you can even buy antique jewellery as an asset to your pension, making it even more cost effective! Having the right advice is important. Go to someone who has knowledge of antique jewellery and discuss how much you wish to invest. It doesn’t have to run into thousands and you might well be pleasantly surprised!

Here at Jordans Jewellers we have been advising clients on Investment Jewellery for many years and this year we are running our first dedicated Investment Jewellery Event. We are offering appointment for customers to come in and find out more about how and when to invest and give you a chance to ask any question you may have. To make an appointment simply call the shop on 01305 250413 or send us a message click here.

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